IMG_7125-sectionClients are realizing the value videoconferencing can bring to their deposition work. Controlling costs to your client is by far the leading benefit of videoconferencing services. Anytime you need to meet with anyone across the country, simply come to Griffin & Associates.

When you schedule videoconferencing services through Griffin & Associates, you can conduct depositions, meetings, witness interviews, and other case-related services.

Our facility provides private and professional conferencing space with a complete range of legal support services and amenities. Client flexibility is enhanced because the video schedule can be set for any time worldwide.  Multiple videoconferencing locations can be connected at one time, allowing the client(s) to manage their time and costs more effectively.

Videoconferencing Equipment Details:

  • Remote Camera Site Control
  • Display Documents, Photos, Slides, X-rays, and Videos
  • Fully equipped videoconference rooms
  • 2-, 3- and 4-Way Connections
  • Proceedings Available on Videotape, DVD, or CD via Legal Videotaping Professionals

NOTE: A videoconference is not a video recording of a deposition. Instead, it is a live video interaction between parties located at remote sites. No preserved record is made except by special request.


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Griffin Group International Reporters and Captioners is excited to announce our new repository, ServiceLink, which will allow you to download your transcripts and exhibits at any time. You can even schedule depositions and pay invoices through ServiceLink.

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